I know why you come back. but I also know that one day you’ll stop and thats when i’ll write about some serious stories about cougarish sexapades, and gloating about how you all are missing out!

But till then find solace in the fact that I am somewhere, sitting on my married ass, loving my husband and yet wondering why he finds it more interesting to play video games than talk to me!

Yes, that’s exactly what I am gonna vent about.

So I come back from work and he spends 2-5 hours every day playing video games. Thats 2-5 hours he doesn’t spend with me. I am still gloriously young and he’s still horny in the mornings but sometime I think of when we’ll be in our dreaded 30’s, me with breasts which have stretch marks and kids driving me mad, pushing showering and waxing down on my priority list, and I wonder, would sex be still happening then?

Would you still fuck me, hubby? Would we still not talk cause we are too tired from work? Would we still be taking each other forgranted… making singles out there jealous of how in tune we are while I sadly go online and blog anonymously about how unfullfilled I am, especially when I am fucking-about-to-get-my-period?

Would I still be PMS-ing?

As much as I love you. You really need to stop this video-game business.