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the sun and the moon are both out together … it looks magical. I love how Mount Diablo, which is right in front of me now , has turned a colour, which can be best described as something between pink, brown and orange… a colour i feel deserves more recognition, but I am afraid I don’t know what is it called.


I feel this view is quite analogous to so many phenomenon in my life.

Like how I hate and love my family

Like how ambitious I am and how utterly lazy I am

Like how much I love writing and how much I don’t write at all


So hello blog,  I used to love you a long time back… and now I am back knocking on your doors for respite, for validation, for love. Please, love me back.


I want to be a writer.

I want to be a doer.

I have the potential to.

But I dunno man….

Everything you want to be requires so much effort. I am the generation that grew up with the 10,000 hours shit… and that’s a lot of hours, mate.

So I need to read every day, for starters.

I need to write more frequently.

I need to really want to be what I want to be and I feel I don’t.

So wannabe I might just be. For now


in case you are wondering…

… I am alive. Only very busy. Such is the life of a busy-hard-core-corporate-soon-to-be-married person

Wish me Luck anyone?..

Consider this.

I am mostly rather happy. Atleast, for the ones looking from the outside… and minus all the cribbing and the hormonal-ness of my being, I am content with my life. I love my job. I love my friends. I am crazy about my family. I have the world’s most caring, loyal, sincere, loving, doting, generous fiance ever.

However there is a reason why I dont stay in a happy bubble for too long. Simply put, I am the most uninspired when I am happy. Happiness doesn’t give me a rush. It might have to do with the fact that I actually have had tons of it all my life. So I am rather non chalante about it.

Sadness and pain on the other hand have this way of making words dance out of me. So does being horny actually. Apart from these two states, I can’t think of any other which can make me say deep, meaningful stuff.

I have no idea whats up with that. So the one, two people I have, who frequent my blog .. when they ask of me to be regular, they should hope that I am heart broken or really really horny.

Otherwise, its pieces like this one, they will have to make do with. I apologize for the inconvenience that, might be causing to you all.Find solace in the fact, that none of it, is intentional…

Kisses & Hugs


That it was the most cliched first post ever!