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I didnt think I would have wanted this until recently.

Every closet seems to be so inviting. The board room tables seem to be staring at me, teasing me, about how unused they are. The print room with its constant buzzing could muffle so many moans.

And if you are already in that frame of mind and you are made to go away on a company trip for “team building” to a romantic get-away, when you are already suffering from post-menstrual horniess then you are up for some rather testing times.

I dont know if it was me but while I will openly admit that there is not even a single cute guy in my entire office building, which bytheway houses around a 1000 people, as a geneeral rule however it was very amusing to find two guys extremely attractive. OUT-OF-THE-BLUE. Suddenly!

I kid you not when I say there were times when I seriously considered jumping one of them.

Anyway nice to know that forgeting the darned/ loved engagement ring is not easy no matter what hormone levels you might reach. It didnt go anywhere apart from me dishing out some sexy moves and grinding one of them, mentally and not literally, on the dance floor .

Wow! I have grown up.


I don’t know if its a me-thing, but do you ever look at a very average looking guy…who has one or two friends, never parties and hardly talks to girls, his hobbies include listening to music and watching movies. In large groups he is awkward and gawky. He hates the spotlight… and wonder how you could blow him away with your moves. How he would probably die if he ever saw you in all your cat-on-heat glory? If he gotta taste of what your libido could translate into?

How you would be better than his best sex dreams? How after you he would never be happy with anyone , since the average-girl-next-door that he will end up marrying would never measure up. The poor innocent soul would never get you out of his head. He would fuck her but dream about you.

Do you ever wonder about such stuff?

There is a dream…

…Where its me and you and nothing else. Metaphorically & Literally.

There is nobody else. No worries. No schedules. No cell phones. No outside noise. No fiances. No emotional baggage. No sense of time. No religion. No nothing.

Just Me & You.

There are hours, or maybe they are just a few minutes, but we cover distances what people travel over years. We tell each other all. Tell, to the point where you & I are one. We know the same things. We know cause we want to know and not because we have to. There’s no body else.

Just Me & You.

For once I don’t need to establish anything. Success, Courage, Bravery, Honor, Love, Trust, Decency, they hold no meaning. Your vices mean nothing. My vices are cherished. We kiss each others scars. We cry through our failings. Your sins are treated like medals, as they are part of you, if not all of you. Its all reciprocated. I am happy. You are happy. Nothing else matters.

Just Me & You.

We tell each other tales from our past. We share dreams. Without any hesitance, we make plans of taking vacations. Bungee Jumping, Tango and red wine. We giggle like school girls at a sleepover. We make shopping plans and you promise to take me to your favorite road-side cafe. I matter to you. You matter to me.  The world seizes to exist.

Just Me & You.

We end up in each others arms. We touch each other. Eyes, Cheeks, Lips, Chin, Collar Bones, Ribs, Belly Button, Thighs, Feet, Toes. North to South. We touch everything in the way. For once finger tips have a mind of their own. We let that be. Then it’s the lips that take over. We let that be too. You kiss me. I kiss you. Mouth to Mouth. Like a traveller who has been without water, we drink each other. You caress me; My soul does a happy dance. Its sexual. Its spiritual. Its physical . Its cosmic. We make whatever we want to make of it. The night belongs to the two of us. The rest fades away.

Just Me & You.

There is music in the air. You are my instrument and I am the best at it. You groan, you sigh. You moan out loud. I dance to your heart beat. Your wrap your arms around me. We fit perfectly. Back to chest. Hip to Hip. Limbs intertwined,  we are a piece of art. Conciousness slips away. We fall asleep like that. Your mild snores are there in the back ground. There is a suggestion of a smile on your lips, that belongs to me.

When I wake up, everythings forgotten but the smile stays. In my heart, In my eyes, or on my lips. It stays…