It upsets me and then I get over it and then when I feel I am all over it, I find out surprisingly that I am actually still not over it.

People at work think I’m having an affair. People have thought that previously as well. Not the first time. This time they have been thinking this for the past one year. What is different this time is that its with someone I genuinly care about. The person in question happens to be much (much) older than me, married with 2 kids, he happens to be one of the most decent people I know. I love him, adore him and respect him. However I hate how it has become this weird uncomfortable thing when it shouldnt be. He’s very respected, being in a senior management position, which makes me often feel that it might have to do with jealousy as well… either way i hate how this is such a thing! it frustrates me and annoys me! There are times when I am stepping out to grab a bite and I feel like I am more concious about who I am telling this seemingly innocous news to. Fortunately both him and I are married to people who are self- assured and dont give much heed to such nonsense .. still its a pain and a half.


Makes me wonder how sad everyone around me really is. Its been a year since I have been friend’s with him and people havent gotten bored with it yet, amazing really!

and no, this is being published without a proofread hence the hundred mistakes i must have made. i apologize.