I thought I would freak out about the “being married” part more than the “marriage ceremoney part”. I was very wrong.

Once the whole ball started rolling, I was just so much more concerned with the wedding itself. Since I knew there was no getting out of it and so i thought I would leave the marriage blues for later. I’m so glad I did that. Cause right after came a peace I really badly needed. The fiance was very smooth in his transition into the husband. He was caring and considerate. Not that that’s new, but he did all that in a completely new way. I nagged the hell out of him about the bathroom and the clothes lying on the floor yet he still carried on being my hubby darling. I could tell how much I was testing his patience and how much he was giving up on his freedom. Yet he never said anything. I now remember why I thought spending my entire life with him was a good idea. I remember how it felt when we first met. I remember how he used to look at me back then. He still looks at me like that. Like I am the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on. Its really sweet considering how I know that’s so far away from the reality.

 So yeah, I’m married… happily so. I know I am still within the diameter of the one month mark yet I know that it ain’t ever gonna suck like it did right before I got married. I know its gonna be fine…

 Also I have a feeling this blog is gonna suck now. This happy married thing can not result in good posts, I’m already telling you all!