Especially if you are around someone who you have a mini-crush on. You shall not come out of it, with your dignity and attitude and the oomph, which is so your signature thing, intact. You might beg him to make out with you, even when he is trying to keep a distance. Rejection, shall be the only thing you remember the next morning. Wouldnt remember the good times, sad it is. Just the bad parts.

So I am just saying. Say no to alcohol. Remain sexy and sultry and on-top-of-your game. Thats the way a lady should be. Always! 

However if the next morning you wake up and meet the boy, the object of your random affections, and he is non-chalante about it, you might have just experienced the most cutest, sweetest thing a random crush is ever gonna do for you. Ever.

Yummy Boy, I shall never forgive myself for the fall from grace … just like I’ll never get over how cheek-pulling the “its okay, we both had had quite a few” was…