Dear Yummy Boy

I wish I could have you to myself for a short period of time. Just a day or two. A week, but not longer.

I can’t even count the ways I would reciprocate for every single time you sent shivers down my spine and every time you made my heart skip. I would get back at you, in saintly evil ways. I would run my icey-cold finger tips on the insides of your thighs. I would kiss you a billion times over. Lips & Eyes. Lips & Neck. Lips & Chest. Hours would go by like that… I would make you float, while you lie face down on the bed. I would do things I could never do before. I would let the slut in me rule. I would do it all.

.. and after that, I would give you a hug, wish you luck, say bye and get the fuck out.