There was something about this boy, with dark brown chocolate eyes, lined ever-so-lightly with black that tingled my heart and some other body parts in the so-wrong-yet-so-right kinda way. The pleasure of taking liberties with each other, infront of other people, hoping that they are being ignored yet knowing that they are not, was good enough to drive me to raving mad lunacy.

…aah, and when he would whispher movie names in my ear, while we were playing dumb charades and I would forget to breathe… and the innocent lip-grazing-neck was rather angina-enducing; His neck, My lips..felt like thats just what they were meant to do.

..and if that wasn’t good enough, when he acted out “Kama Sutra; The Dance of Love” I could have never thought seeing a guy hump a wall could be attractive. Such was his charm!

The night ended amidst much girly “Pleaseeeee don’t go” with matching girly pouts. He went his way, I went my way.

I wonder if he’ll cross my mind, a few months down the line when I will be getting married. I wonder a month after that, when he’s doing his “qabool hai” ( Translation: “I do”) I will cross his?..